Sell your products on portable handhelds on both iOS and Android platforms. M Commerce is the future. Be future ready.

Finely branded to amuse and sell. Showcase class and quality with big full screen banners giving modern looks and ease of access.

• Easy access to the top products on the portal
• User tracking to show top product categories as per user history
• Upsell by showing recommended products
• Remind by showcasing recently viewed products
• In-depth user history management to understand and forecast trends

Easy access + Total control on your fingertips

• Distributor/Retailer/Consumer wise product showcase and pricing
• Email, SMS & Push Notifications Integrated
• Restrict user devices for authenticity
• Track and block screenshots
• Date & Time based authentication for user

Easy and beautiful product showcase

• No clutter design gives easy access to designs with the required information
• Sort by price, weight, popularity or latest
• Filter by price, gross weight, net weight, diamond carat, stone carat etc.
• Keyword searching for quick access and SEO

Product detailing at its best. Every thing a jeweller can ask for is built in

• Detailed product information
• Multiple angle still images
• Experience 3D imaging
• Video showcase for every product

Start taking orders today, JewelFlow PRO is payment gateway ready. Accepting payments online was never this easy

• Collect shipping and delivery details
• Shipping types and chargeable shipping policies
• Track order facility available with BlueDart and Sequel Logistics
• Email and SMS Notifications on order status

Always stay connected with your customers

• In built followup email, SMS and Push Notifications
• Auto birthday and anniversary notificaitons
• Reminder alert to admin for upcoming customers birthday / anniversary
• Reminder alert to admin for various international exhibitions and high sale dates

Special collection for one customer or for a group or just for everyone

Create special collections to just share with one or many users at once. Special attention is always necessary in jewellery, this feature enables you to share a particular collection with a particular set of customers if needed. This allows you a much personalized way of showcasing and selling. It not only saves time but also creates that essential personal touch required to close a sale.