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Why Triologic over another company
Our clients use our services because of our broad capabilities to deliver complex app and online development projects successfully. We have more than ten years of experience in solving all kinds of challenges faced in the Jewellery businesses, such as product cataloguing, inventory management, building technically complex features & processes. We are trained and specialized in serving especially the jewellery industry. If you have big ideas but often find yourself in complicated problems and looking for a modern business solution, Triologic is here to help!
How do you keep my app and data secure
Being a SAAS organization, we give the maximum priority to data security. Here is an overview of how we follow the end to end encryption to keep your data safe: If you become our client, we keep our data center entirely cloud-based using the most secure AWS cloud service. We keep our servers updated regularly with the latest software patches, and the servers have their firewall for protection. Our backend server that drives your application is also SSL certified and runs on secure HTTPS. We use the highest industry standard 2048 bit data encryption for another security layer, the same as used by Indian and overseas banks. AWS provides the highest quality server solution with backup and fallback based architecture. It allows quick and complete recovery on a daily basis. To know more please visit our privacy policy page here.
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Will there be Service/Support provided & till when
When it comes to service or technical support, we offer a lifetime service for all of our valuable customers. We have a well-trained support team along with developers who are always there to prioritize your issues and provide you the best possible solution in a limited time period.
Do you work for any other industry other than the jewellery
We solely work for only the Jewellery Industry for the past 10 years. As it is rightly said , ‘ When you focus on one thing for a long time, you master it’ and rightly we have mastered all the solutions related to possible problems faced in the Jewellery Industry.
How do you make sure you build what I want, and don’t get it wrong?
This is why we are leading ahead of our competition in our industry. There are several SAAS organizations in the industry, work in various domains. But when it comes to Triologic, we have worked with this particular jewellery-technology industry for over a decade now. We know exactly what you need, what your customers want to see and how to help you grow 10X using your app. Our expertise in the industry makes us your only choice. So whenever you think of jewellery business with technology, think Triologic!
I have a question that isn't listed here
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