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Five ways to protect the originality & secure your jewellery business

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Five ways to protect the originality & secure your jewellery business

When it comes to the jewellery business, originality becomes the topmost priority. If you can keep your ideas secure, eventually, you will become exclusive along with your designs. But with the lack of security in-store, printed designs on physical catalogues, shared images on the internet, you are putting a question on your design security and overall privacy. Anybody can steal your design and offer it at a lower price, and it hurts your brand value and the time and effort your team has given.

Five ways to protect the originality & secure jewellery business - Triologic

Today we are going to discuss the simple yet most effective ways to keep your jewellery business secure.

But first, let’s discuss why your jewellery business needs security? Whom shall you worry about? How easily you can get complete 360-degree protection and more.

In the present day scenario, when everything and everyone is exposed to the internet, the security level of our activity remains very low. The risk is no more limited to carrying expensive jewellery, or stones, or metals anymore. It’s the data, design, information, and identity. But what all threats a jeweller may face?

  • Risk of carrying precious jewellery: 

This is a very well-known trouble every jewellery manufacturer and wholesalers faces while traveling to their clients in the same city or different cities. The risk is not only of getting theft, but the life risk is also there.

  • The originality of your brand:

While seeking new customers or for business conversion purposes, sometimes jewellers share their exclusive product images through WhatsApp, Facebook groups, and other platforms on the internet. This is very risky as anyone can download the image and can get it done by someone else. Or, they can copy the original design and sell it at a lower price. Always choose an encrypted way while sharing your product images. Some platforms assure you secure product sharing. We will discuss the solution later in this article.

  • Everything is a copy of a copy of a copy:

Physical booklets and brochures are good, but just imagine if you distribute your exclusive brochure or booklets to every potential customer, everyone can see the design in every detail. Copying your design is equal to copying your identity. All your hard work and creativity will go in vain. Remember, people love to re-create more than they create something original.

  • Every footfall counts:

A general thing about having a jewellery store/factory is that you will get footfall from different types of people and never know their purpose of visit. It makes the situation more complicated while treating them in person. Some of them might be your potential customers, but there can be someone among them with wrong intentions. So, it would be best if you remain prepared for that.

  • Transparency for brand value:

Not maintaining a transparent billing process and documentation can harm your brand value. To secure your brand from any backlashes, take the help of the technology and become a customer magnet.

Five ways to protect the originality & secure jewellery business - Quote - Triologic

All these above problems can be solved by making the right decision of adapting the best available technology in the market. And when it comes to jewellery technology, you are already aware of the best jewellery technology, i.e., JewelFlow by Triologic.

But how can JewelFlow and other apps extensions by Triologic can help you deal with the above threats?

Let’s discuss point to point.

  • One tab for your next client visit:

No need to carry precious jewellery items to your clients in different cities. Get your personalised JewelFlow app developed by us and feature unlimited jewellery products on your online and offline application. Next time when you will visit your client, carry one tab and showcase all your digitally catalogued products on your app with end-to-end product details. It’s safe, lightweight, and boosts your confidence on the go.

  • Encrypted and no screenshots allowed:

JewelFlow comes with max-level security. Now you can share your products with your clients with limited access and for a limited time. Moreover, on JewelFlow, no one can take a screenshot of your originally designed products. Even if you are on a video call on your Jewellery app (JewelMeet), nobody can take screenshots during the video call. The system completely bans screenshots and recordings. Our app will highly protect your design privacy and originality.

  • ‘My catalogue’ is the future:

Digital cataloguing is the perfect replacement for bulky product brochures and catalogues. But the ‘My catalogue’ introduced by JewelFlow is something different. It allows you to create a separate catalogue for each customer by product type, category, and price range. It gives you a whole lot customisation and a secure way to share your products with your client so that your brand identity remains intact.

  • Know the purpose of every visit:

JewelFlow comes with an app extension named JewelGate, the only visitor management app built for jewellers. It gives you complete security at your store/factory entrance. One-time visitor registration can keep your business secure for a lifetime. As the data stores in the cloud, you can access it at any time. JewelGate digital security keeps you secure in the digital era. Just a Tab installed with the app, and you are secure from any unethical activity at your store.

  • Transparency and brand value:

Using the JewelFlow jewellery app, you can keep the entire order process transparent with your client with end-to-end order updates via automated SMS and email. It helps to keep your brand value high and to gain customer satisfaction.

So here is the brief about the jewellery business and how you can enhance the level of security of your jewellery business. Let us know in the comments section below if you have any other security concerns that we might have missed here. We will definitely help you with that.