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Why Mobile App is a Necessity for Jewellery Business?

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Why Mobile App is a Necessity for Jewellery Business?

With the ever-changing technology, we are changing our lifestyle every day. In the last few years, the high speed of the internet and its affordability has changed the face of every business; not only in India but also globally. Only those who could adapt to the change did shine in the crowd. Everything is changing blazing fast, but only one concept that remained constant is: “Survival of the fittest”! And this increases the importance of having a mobile app for jewellery business.

The internet has penetrated every level of business. In the current scenario, if your business does not appear on google search, if your website does not show up, you are way out of consideration. We have witnessed the change in shopping preference shifting from in-shop shopping to online shopping. And believe us not, the Jewellery industry plays a significant role in this 21st-century industry revolution.

Here is a scenario & forecast of Online Jewellery Industry in India:

Indian Jewellery industry trends in billion USD
Data source: https://mywisdomlane.com

The Indian Jewellery industry expects enormous growth in the upcoming years with an expected compound annual growth rate of 28%.
But is just having a website well enough? According to a survey report by Broadband Search, 80% of the internet users in India come online using their smartphones. Smartphones have made life more comfortable. Now we, the commoners, always tend to do everything using our phones. The concept of using an app makes it easier, as you get every access at your fingertips. It is more user-friendly and gives instant access to the internet to connect anything anywhere.

Further in this article, we will discuss why having your independent app is essential for your Jewellery Business?

App screens of JewelFlow app architecture by Triologic, made for the jewelers. 3 phones with white transparent background

Your app carries your identity:

An app is not just a tool for your end-users to browse through your products remotely; but it carries your brand identity and brand value. It gives you the scope to interact with your customer base and increase sales by reaching the potential customer base. It effectively boosts your brand recognition.

Complements the Website

Your app can complement your website and can double up the online conversion flow. While a website does not assure brand recall and returning customers, remember an app plays an individual role in your customer’s mobile device. While browsing through a phone, a customer may open 10 web pages in their mobile browser; but the app gives you a separate identity and brand recall value.

User-friendliness in UI & UX

UI and UX play a significant role in terms of conversion. A mobile app is completely customizable in terms of looks and feels because that’s the main thing that will keep your customers for a longer time in your platform.

Why not e-commerce websites?

E-commerce websites have their wide range of customer bases. But, while selling through an e-commerce website, you have to compromise few things like:

  1. You are entirely dependent on them
  2. There are hundreds of sellers other than you
  3. Excessive charges in promotions
  4. Have to pay them a percentage of the sale value of each item
  5. Limited items, complicated inventory management system
  6. High chances to lose your originality

Your branded app gives you your own platform, less complications, no competition, and zero dependency and full protection of your originality.

Convenient to use

Once the customer downloads your app, they can access it anytime, anywhere as it makes a separate identity in their phone. Not only that, you can observe the user behaviour and give them the best recommendation accordingly.

an iPhone 12 and iPad showing the app screen of JewelFlow app that comes with a multi device support
Multi device support

Multi-device access

There are two types of apps available—one for Android and the other for the iOS platform. A user with a unique id and password can use your app on Android or iPhone or iPad, or even on any android tablet. There will be no compromise in the look and feel of the user experience.

Direct marketing channel & loyal customer base

Mobile app for jewellery businessIt helps you build direct communication between your business and its customers. You can reach out to them anytime, and they can contact you through the app itself.
Also, the longer you stay on the users’ device, the chances of sale increases, and also they become your loyal customer over the period. Most importantly, you can send them custom notifications based on different offers and new arrivals. With an app, the possibilities are as vast as your imagination.


Building the digital brand image is time-taking; making it traditionally is way too costly. But when it comes to your app-building, it is a one-time investment, plus you get the life time support as a complementary offer. You can add the app download option to your website, share it on your social media, or even showcase the printed QR code to download the app on your shop. It helps you increase the profit margin like never before.

Product visibility and endless digital cataloguing

When it comes to the store, you can show up to a limited collection to a particular customer. It can be due to the shortage of supply or the lack of human resources and time. But when it comes to the app, you can easily showcase a wide range of products and categorize them accordingly. Some apps allow you to take perfect product photos in few easy steps. Once you enable users to see your collection through the app, they can conveniently access it, saving your time and resources further.

Digital KYC & control over the activity

Each customer who downloads your app will have to register on it. This enables you to know who they are to reach out to them on special occasions, involve them in your business activities and interact with them freely. While sharing your products with them, you can control how much they can see, which offers to be given to them, retarget the lost customers, and revamp the old customers.


While the internet has reached almost every corner of India and smartphones are made affordable to most people, the usage of app is bound to increase. Like other industries, the jewellery industry is also getting ready to shift into the mobile app platform. This is the prime time when you shall give it a thought too. It provides a competitive advantage and can help you reach different market locations without investing a single penny for promotion.

Major players of the industry have already started shifting to apps, and it’s your time to take a step forward.

Always remember, your app is your virtual store. It can make or break your brand value. Mobile app for jewellery business is going to become a new normal in upcoming years. While giving a thought to go for an app, always choose the developers who are experts in the Jewellery industry software, understand your business objectives, and are aware of the market trends.