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Video Calling in Business is Essential in the Digital Era

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Video Calling in Business is Essential in the Digital Era

Just a couple of years ago, video calls seemed fancy; people who used to stay apart or family who haven’t seen each other for days used to do video calls. Earlier, the tech giants normalised video calling in business in the corporate for cross-border meetings and presentations through company software. 

However we have witnessed a big wave of change in perspective. From remote jobs to remote selling, video call has become an essential part of all the activities. For instance, some of the available and useful features of the video calling apps are audio meetings, video meetings, seminars for a limited time, with built-in features such as chat, screen sharing, and screen recording. However not all apps offer every single feature to you.

Here are the top 5 Reasons why the video calling is the future of business in the digital era:

  1. Remote selling: If your store has a dedicated app or a video calling option, nobody can stop your business from growing. App lets you do the e-cataloguing, and video calling enables you to show the Jewellery in person. With this combination, you need not reach out to your clients or customers; it helps you reach virtually to those places where you hardly could go.
  2. Cost-saving: You already have an internet connection; all you need is just an app. Create a video room, and boom! Your sales are happening online. Only the one-time membership cost can save your day-to-day travel cost, save your most precious time and energy.
  3. Timely appointment: Once you are on your video calling app, there after you can set a scheduled call with your clients. It enables structured and timely communication.
  4. Work efficiency: Travelling is tiring, and we always used to think if it could get a little easier. You don’t have to go anywhere; you can sell directly from your store to very remote areas or even in different states. It increases the work efficiency of your employees and salespeople.
  5. Decision-makers are present: It’s in the Indian culture that whenever we buy something, especially Jewellery, we seek the opinion of our near ones. Most of the video calling apps give you the opportunity to add people in the video call. From a seller’s perspective, this is a great opportunity where he/she can finish off the deal in a limited time.

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Sell through video calls with your customers

The Top 4 Apps for Video Calling in Business

With the leap of demand, we have seen the rise and fall of many videos calling app providers. Now let’s discuss about the top 4 video calling apps which has made their way to the industry and helping businesses to run remotely. You can use these platforms for your business. However there are some limitations in every app for businesses, you got to choose on

These four apps were always consistent with their services and have acquired a large customer base during the pandemic 2020.

Zoom call - an option for video calling in business
  • Perhaps zoom calls by Zoom Technologies, Inc. became the most famous among all the live video calling apps at the beginning of the pandemic. Anybody can use it, but it is not built by keeping the Indian businesses in mind.


  1. 100 participants
  2. Admin can give others the hosting permissions
  3. Easy UI
  4. Screen sharing option


  1. Data security
  2. Fluctuation in video quality
  3. Participants can be in disguise
  4. Unable to take more than one call at a time
  5. Anyone can misuse the recorded video (You must have heard about SHWETA)

Zoom Product video:


GoogleMeet - an option for video calling in business
  • GoogleMeet is the evolved version of Hangouts by the tech giant Google. Therefore GoogleMeet comes with more of a corporate-friendly touch and can be a good option for the video calling in business. It is being used widely for all purposes.


  1. Useful to communicate and with the team members
  2. Simple UI
  3. Allows 250 participants
  4. Screen sharing enabled


  1. Sending multimedia documents and files is difficult
  2. Video lags are some common complaints
  3. You can’t access the calls without your Gmail address
  4. Issues with mic and audio are widespread even after so many updates
  5. High-speed internet is required for good quality video

Google meet product video:


  • JewelMeet is a product by Triologic Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. Whole new made-in-India product, built especially for the Jewellers to showcase their products worldwide and business remotely.


  1. Mainly made for the businesses, especially for the Jewellery businesses
  2. You can schedule up to unlimited calls at the same time, and your representatives can join the calls on the scheduled time slots
  3. Screen sharing option
  4. 100% privacy on top! No screenshots or screen recording is enabled for the participants
  5. Only admin can record the session for internal QC checks (can be disabled)
  6. Super HD video calling
  7. Add up to 50 participants in one call
  8. Business growth partner and sales booster, solely made in India #VocalForLocal
  9. As generating sales is the primary purpose of JewelMeet, even at the low internet speed, it reduces the quality of participants and gives the super HD video output for the presenter (the seller)
  10. In addition to the above points, you also get a lifetime support

That’s a complete 10X!!


  1. We are still looking for it!

JewelFlow Product video:

Have a look, what you can do with your JewelMeet app
WhatsApp - app icon banner
  • WhatsApp by Facebook is known and widely known by everyone. It is one of the topmost used apps for communication. In 2020, with the hike in tech involvement in businesses, WhatsApp introduced more participants in their video calls. In addition to that, it is the highest downloaded messenger app.


  1. Widely used across the world
  2. Powered by tech giant Facebook
  3. Integrated with Facebook messenger rooms
  4. WhatsApp business account is there


  1. Only 8 participants are allowed
  2. Poor video quality
  3. Consumes a lot of data
  4. Data privacy! I mean, data is a concern! 😂 (you know about WhatsApp data right?)
  5. Low chance of business usage and conversion using the video calls

WhatsApp product video:



In conclusion, that was all about the article. We highly recommend you integrate the video call with your business. At the same time, we suggest taking care of your data, the purpose of the integration, and the agency/app company’s expertise. JewelMeet might be a small player compared to the other three, but it is solely made for the business. With features to increase sales, it’s a sealed deal for your business. You can get a trial before making your decision, but only JewelMeet by Triologic allows you to take a trial before the actual integration. To know more, you can click here.