How Your Mobile App Can Increase Your Reach and Boost Up Your B2B Jewellery Sales

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How Your Mobile App Can Increase Your Reach and Boost Up Your B2B Jewellery Sales

The ultimate goal of every business is to earn profit. To earn profit you have to make sales and to make sales, you must have a customer base. Today in this article we will discuss how you can gain new clients for your jewellery business and nurture the existing ones using your app as a sales platform.

The concept of having a dedicated app is nothing new. But what new in it is the essentiality. It helps you in many ways and we are going to discuss them one by one.

  • You carry your identity:

Having an app means it’s all about you, your products and services, and your customers. There is no foreign involvement, no distraction and nothing in between two parties. You solely own the platform and curate your clients through your mobile application.

  • No hidden charges:

Once you publish your personalized jewellery mobile application for you clients, it’s entirely yours and you don’t need to pay third party websites like e-commerce sites.

  • Do not rely only on traditional business method:

Days are gone when you could only rely on your physical store. Pandemic is still active and this kind of scenario might appear in future again. That’s why there shall always be a “plan B”. Having an app needs no physical contact or social distancing. Your business will keep rolling virtually. Your customers will order and you will deliver. The idea is simple but the impact is massive.

  • Flexibility is the new exclusive:

Your jewellery store operates for a limited time every day, but it might contradict with the timing of your client. It can easily destroy your relation and business with that client. Just  ask them to install your app and they can check your products and order it anytime even at midnight and you will completely be okay to ship it next day.

  • User friendly UI keeps customers engaged:

When you deploy your app, you expect many users download, install and purchase jewellery products using your app right? Interactive UI and user friendly app helps you in that. It hooks to user to stick to the app and explore what all you are offering. This is a great way to increase your sale and we at Triologic do the exactly same thing when we build app for the jewellers.

  • Reach without limits:

Your store may attract people in 10KM radius but imagine a client Jeweller installing your app from thousands kilometers away and purchasing your exclusive collection! Internet is the future and going digital is the new normal. Having your app ready in Appstore and Play Store means any of your prospected clients can install your app to place order online. To make this process secure, we never give access to the client end unless they register themselves with their contact number and verify their OTP. Also they have to ask permission to access your designs through the app. And you have the choice to give them a limited collection and limited time of access.

  • Privacy on top:

Originality and exclusivity is the backbone of any jewellery business. Designs floating on the internet are never secure. You would never know when someone downloads the image and prepares the same design and selling it in a cheaper price by hurting your business and creativity. But when you opt for your branded app (JewelFlow), users are not permitted to take screenshots or share your products randomly to anyone else.

  • Stay in touch with offers:

Times come when our nations decorates itself with festive joy. You too can run promotions campaigns on your app as festive special offer to attract your clients to order in bulk and save more and ultimately they end up billing a big amount.

  • Be Exclusive and earn loyal customers:

When you opt for the best app ever made for jewellers (JewelFlow) your clients and customers eventually feel wow! Because this is one app that comes with each and every possible feature you could ever ask for. Not only the new customers but it helps your increase the old customer retention rate and that’s the source of 10 times more profit.

  • You are a front liner:

This is the time when the industry is being tech friendly slowly. Be among the top 10% of front liner by going app friendly with your dedicated app before your competition.

There are hundreds such benefits of having an app which will be profitable for a jewellery manufacturer and a jewellery wholesaler. Using JewelFlow app architecture your business will become exclusive and a complete jewellery industry leader.